Photography has a special effect on me. It pulls my focus in on that single grain of sand right between the top and bottom halves of the hourglass. That elusive state; the here and now. Entering into that space with friends both old and new I feel so alive!

This philosophy is the blood that runs through much of my photographic work. When we take photos together I'm not interested in contrived images. Let me lead you into a beautiful experience that generates authentic moments to be captured and remembered.

Be sure that I will take you out there, for an adventure.

I'm Josh

The Person Behind The Lens

My desire is to capture images that are more than just flat snapshots, I’m drawn to emotion. A playful moment of joy, the love of two souls who have experienced so much together, the bonds of family, laughter, wonder, when the guard drops, the quiet moments; real life. This is what keeps me coming back to the visual art-form of photography again and again. All of this informs my fundamental commitment to directing and inspiring moments instead of simply posing. I would love to guide you through a memorable experience centred on laughter, fun, and a sense of being at ease.

Feel awkward in photos? Not a problem! I’m all about empowering couples to feel comfortable, safe, and like their true selves.

Get in touch

This is Steph

My partner <3

As a wedding and couples photographer I would be remiss if I didn't take the chance to mention my own love. You might get a chance to know Steph as she occasionally helps me with wedding projects. She's my biggest supporter, artistic inspirer, and co-world travler.

We met years ago in the print-room studio and I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else.

My Core Values







ALL are welcome and excitedly included. My philosophy leaves no room for prejudice or judgement against groups, affiliations, identities <3

Creativity lives between intention and openness. It's a willingness to explore. No two sessions are the same. Your images will be uniquely and artistically yours.

I ensure your session, and images, feel like you. I promise to bring my true self to the table which includes my experience, fun loving nature, and relaxed energy.

My editing style

Natural | Filmic | Timeless