"Saskatoon is boring." Growing up I heard this a lot, usually from some snot-nosed brat after their first trip out of the province. I love the mountains and the ocean as much as anyone, but good ole Sasky? She's got something special to offer too.

In fact, I've found Saskatoon to be so beautiful that it can be a challenge to pick just one spot for a photo session.

Below is a list of my favourite locations for couples and engagement photography in Saskatoon (and a few road trip options too). Whether you're planning a session with yours truly, or just looking for somewhere beautiful to explore, I hope you'll find this helpful.

Best photoshoot locations in and around Saskatoon

1. The University of Saskatchewan

I love shooting at the University of Saskatchewan. The blend of towering trees and historic architecture creates a beautiful backdrop for photos. One of the great things about this location is the access to indoor spaces, which means we can capture a variety of shots no matter the weather. Whether we’re taking advantage of the stunning university buildings or the lush green lawns, this spot always provides a gorgeous setting.

For anyone looking for couples and engagement photography in Saskatoon, the University of Saskatchewan Grounds offers everything you need for a memorable and diverse photo gallery.

2. Downtown Saskatoon

Downtown Saskatoon offers a gritty, street-style backdrop that's perfect for couples looking for something unique. The old brick buildings and parkades are some of my favourite spots, adding a touch of urban charm and character to photos. The mix of historic and modern elements creates a dynamic setting that's both stylish and full of character.

If you’re after photography in Saskatoon that captures the city's urban vibe, the Downtown and Riversdale areas are ideal. From the textured walls of brick buildings to the hidden gems in parkades, these neighbourhoods provide a striking and memorable backdrop for your photos.

3. Cranberry Flats

Saskatchewan is known for being flat, but Cranberry Flats defies that with its small rolling hills and cinematic overview of the river. This location is a hidden gem just south of the city, hardly a 5-minute drive from Saskatoon. It’s also home to many unique plants that provide a beautiful and natural backdrop for engagement photos.

I love spending time at Cranberry Flats, even when I’m not taking photos, because it’s so serene. The peaceful environment and stunning landscapes make it a perfect spot for capturing intimate and relaxed engagement photos. If you’re looking for engagement photography in Saskatoon with a touch of natural beauty and tranquility, Cranberry Flats is an ideal choice.

4. Chief Whitecap Park

The best thing about Chief Whitecap Park is the trifecta of scenes available; in one location, you get fields, forest, and beach! This variety makes it a fantastic spot for engagement photos, offering diverse backdrops all in one place.

Be warned though, it's also an open dog park, so this location is best suited to those who enjoy furry friends. If you’re looking for photography in Saskatoon that captures a range of natural settings, Chief Whitecap Park is an excellent choice. The mix of landscapes provides a unique and versatile environment for your photos.

5. The Remai Modern

The Remai Modern, located in the heart of River Landing in downtown Saskatoon, is an incredible spot for couples and engagement photos. The museum's modern architecture and wide-open spaces create a unique and stylish backdrop for any photo session. Inside, the spacious atrium and various galleries filled with contemporary art offer a sophisticated and artistic setting for your photos.

What I love about The Remai Modern is how it embraces photo sessions with open arms, making it a welcoming environment for capturing those special moments. The surrounding River Landing area also provides additional picturesque spots, allowing us to capture a variety of scenes in one session. For anyone looking for couples and engagement photography in Saskatoon, The Remai Modern combines modern elegance with the natural beauty of the South Saskatchewan River, offering everything you need for stunning and memorable photos.

6. President Murray Park

President Murray Park has a special place in my heart, I used to live just a couple blocks from it and would walk through daily on my way to and from school. The towering pine trees provide a beautiful backdrop no matter the season and while the park is beautiful in summer, I find it shines in the winter with its snowcapped branches and quiet ambience.

President Murray Park is a great photography location for any couple looking to find a bit of the forest right within the city, it's a magical spot, like a little slice of a fairytale in the middle of town.

7. Sask Crescent East

Sask Crescent East is one of those rare spots in the city that provides a cinematic overview of the downtown district - making it an instant classic for Saskatoon Photography. This location is a good one to pair with another in the city for a 1hr or 1.5hr session.

If you're looking for a truly majestic and quintessential Saskatoon location for your couples or engagement session, look no further than Sask Crescent East.

Road Trip Locations (Within 3 Hours of Saskatoon)

1. Claybank

Travel time from Saskatoon: 2 hours 52 minutes

Claybank, located near Avonlea in southern Saskatchewan, is a hidden gem for engagement photography. The Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site provides a fascinating historical backdrop, with its well-preserved early 20th-century industrial architecture. The adjacent Massold Clay Canyons offer dramatic, rugged landscapes that are perfect for unique and memorable engagement photos.

The natural surroundings at Claybank include rolling hills and distinctive clay formations, creating a stunning contrast against the prairie sky. This landscape is truly unique in Saskatchewan, providing a striking and one-of-a-kind backdrop for your photos. For anyone looking for a truly unique and beautiful location in Saskatoon, Claybank is very hard to beat!

2. Cochin

Travel time from Saskatoon: 1 hour 50 minutes

Cochin, located near Jackfish Lake, offers a charming nautical feel that almost makes you feel like you’re on the coast. The Cochin Lighthouse, Saskatchewan’s only lighthouse, sits atop Pirot Hill and provides spectacular views of Jackfish Lake and the surrounding area. This iconic lighthouse and the 153 steps leading up to it offer a unique and visually striking backdrop for engagement photos.

The area around Jackfish Lake is naturally beautiful, with stunning water vistas and serene beaches. It’s a peaceful and idyllic setting that’s perfect for couples who want a relaxed and scenic photo shoot. For anyone looking for engagement photography in Saskatchewan, Cochin combines natural beauty with charming landmarks, making it an ideal choice.

3. Waskesiu

Travel time from Saskatoon: 2 hours 20 minutes

Waskesiu, located within Prince Albert National Park, offers majestic forests, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife. This location is perfect for couples looking to immerse themselves in nature. The picturesque Waskesiu Lake provides stunning water views and serene beaches, making it an ideal backdrop for engagement photos.

The charming town of Waskesiu also offers unique spots for photos, with its quaint shops and beautiful park areas. Whether you're capturing the breathtaking scenery of the lake or the rustic charm of the town, Waskesiu provides a diverse range of settings for your photo shoot. For anyone looking for engagement photography in Saskatchewan, Waskesiu combines natural beauty and charming townscapes, making it a top choice.

Wrapping it all up

Choosing the right location for your engagement photo shoot is an exciting step in preparing for your session. Saskatoon and its surrounding areas offer a variety of beautiful and meaningful settings, whether you’re looking for urban charm, natural beauty, or historic significance.

Ready to book your photoshoot? Let’s go on an adventure, together!

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