It was a late summer evening when Jessica reached out to learn more about engagement photography with Joshua Ryan Photography.

As I read the details of her inquiry I couldn't help but grin, and feel very touched, theirs is a love story of legend, I thought to myself. We quickly made plans to meet up for coffee and chat.

I learned that Jessica and Eric had met each other via virtual reality and their love grew from the virtual space to the real world. They had gone to great lengths over both time and space for each other and as we sat in that coffee shop together I was struck by the beauty of their relationship.

Not only did they overcome the odds to be together, but they are two people who are genuinely full of kindness and warmth. Over coffees, we crafted a plan for their engagement session that would do their love story justice. I left our meeting full of energy and excited for what was to come.

A few weeks later we found ourselves together again in the countryside near Saskatoon. The setting sun glowed softly and alongside the quietly flowing river and fields, this all served as the perfect backdrop for our adventure through the landscape. The rising moon marked the end of golden hour and we took a few moody photos in the lunar glow to cap off the the first part of our session.

Together we made our way into Saskatoon and among the neon lights and towering glass buildings downtown we continued our exploration. It was so fun to collaborate on different creative shots together.

We ended our session at an arcade as an homage to their origin story, I'm shit at arcade games and glad I had these two to show me the ropes. All in all, I couldn't be happier with our Saskatoon engagement photoshoot and the memories we captured together.

Stay tuned for their wedding in 2025 🙂

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