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What means the most to me is the simple things. Walks through my neighbourhood, the smell of fresh coffee, gut-busting laughter, losing track of time talking with friends, sitting in stillness and quiet, drawing close, exploring the world with eyes wide open – just being alive. This is what I really want to capture because this is the real shit. This is what love and life really look like. It’s not posed, it’s not contrived. It’s so much more.

Photography for the down to earth and the adventure loving

I'm a Wedding, Elopement, and Engagement photographer, based in Saskatoon Canada.

I'm an observer, a pet lover, a coffee drinker and a designer.


I’m Josh

I Can Help You Save The Most Beautiful And Elegant Moments Of Your life. Romantic right?

I seek connection, the relationships, the laughs, the real you & real me.

I'm so glad you're here.

I discovered photography early in my 20s on the campus of my local university. There, behind a maze of tight hallways and old desks, is a room where no light can reach. It's always been a little ironic to me that this is where I fell in love with the art form. Hands fumbling in the dark with a roll of film, smelling of development chemicals and a little too much cologne.

The darkroom is where learned a new way of being that was slower, intentional, and forced my busy mind to take a breath and pay attention to life as it unfolded. Life exactly as it was. Sharing this way of engaging with the world has been one of my great passions. I'd love to share it with you!

Let's get creative, have fun, make memories, and capture the moment together.

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The Wedding Experience

This is so much more than an Instagram post to me. This is the day you commit your love to each other and I couldn’t be more honoured to be a part of it. For most of the day, I’ll be quietly present, capturing every detail, candid moment, and big event. When it’s time for our sessions, you can count on me to lead with gentle confidence.

Connection is everything. I know it sounds cheesy, but I want to be friends with every couple I photograph. When you hire me it’s more than images; timeline planning, theming, vendor recommendations. I’m at your service!

Get in touch to get your hands on a copy of my wedding guide with all the sweet details on my wedding experience!

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Featured from the Blog

Kevin and Sarah | Remai Modern Saskatoon Elopement

"The natural light that flooded the museum's interior added to the romance of the day. The warmth of the sun paired with the stunning backdrop made for unforgettable photographs."